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There are two major companies that will guide you through the recruiting process in the USA.  The first is Next College Student Athlete or NCSA and the second is Athlete College Advisors or ACA Both companies will assist players and parents by setting up a profile and allowing your player to be found by college coaches who are searching for athletes in region, competitions, skills and abilities.  

These are purchased services and can be as little as $40 per month or $700 for the players entire high school career during recruitment.  These are negotiable fees and you should attempt to get to the lowest cost option during the vetting phase but is a great way of getting your athlete recognized with a strong, professional on-line presence.

The educational tools provided by the NCSA are very informative and educational and high recommended to fully educate yourself on the process. 

College Recruiting Advice by Next College Student Athlete (NCSA)

Those players who want to play soccer in college often want to earn a college scholarship.  The misconception is that your player needs to play on the top team in the top region for the top coach or she will not earn a scholarship.  The level of females playing soccer at the college level is rather low given the hundreds of collegiate programs looking for female student athletes.  It is more than likely the case that every player looking to play at the collegiate level, regardless of where the player learned her skills, can locate a program that fits her both academically and athletically.

To emphasize this point, local universities and colleges have players from all over the region and from many clubs and not ONLY players from one Club.  Each Club will advertise their program as best of the best and the only pathway to college.  The truth is that every player needs to make there own pathway to college and the following recommendations from good resources such as "Next College Student Athlete" which articulates how best to play at the collegiate level. 

Hundreds of colleges across the country are offering summer ID camps and showcases, and we know deciding which one your student-athlete should attend can be a tough choice. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you sort through your options:

Explore your student-athlete's top matches.  Find schools that area good fit academically and athletically– where your athlete has a shot at being recruited and accepted into the university. If they aren’t being actively recruited by a program, attending a camp is a great way to get on a coach’s radar.

Prioritize ID camps where they’ve been personally invited.  If your family receives a personalized email from a coach, take it as a sign that your athlete is a top recruit. And no matter the invitation, they should always respond to a college coach.

Reach out ahead of time.  Encourage your athlete to build relationships with coaches early on and ask them which camps they’re hosting or planning to attend.That way, they'll have a better chance of being evaluated once they're there.

Consider the cost of the camp.  Your family should make the most out of this experience by choosing camps where multiple coaches will be in attendance, or by searching for local, cost-effective day camps closer to home.

NCSA’s list of college ID camps and showcases includes the camp name, state, division, age/grade level and cost. New camps are added regularly, so be sure to check back often for updates.

College ID Camps link

NCAA Recruiting Rules and Calendar for Women's Soccer

College Recruiting Advice by Athlete College Advisors  (ACA)

ACA offers a similar list of colleges ID camps and showcases by name, state, division, age/grade level and cost. They allow you to build out a player profile as well.  The platform can be accessed by the following link.

There is lots of great education material at NCAA's homepage.  You can review all three divisions, the rules, and recruiting process at the following weblink.

The guidelines for initial eligibility have changed.  It is important to understand these requirements when meeting with your guidance counselor in 8th and 9th grade. Most college questionnaires will require your GPA and Class Rank, your guidance counselor can provide you with both metrics.  Academic Eligibility Requirements Class of 2016+

NCAA Eligibility Center - It is important to register as an athlete as soon as possible as college questionnaires will require your NCAA ID Number.

US Youth Soccer College Bound Resources

The greatest misconception about playing soccer in college is that the Club will earn you a scholarship.  The truth is it is up to the player to earn the scholarship through hard work academically and athletically.

Women's College Soccer Recruiting Guide

A great guide that outlines the recruiting and college evaluation process for playing soccer can be viewed at the following link.  Note the communication dates are not accurate as the guide is dated 2013 and the recruiting rules have changed as noted above.

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